Martina Cernogoraz

has been a fully licensed local guide (Zagreb& Zagreb County) since 2001. Her knowledge of Zagreb is outstanding and her enthusiasm for the city tours is inspiring. If you are looking for the best places to have a cup of proper coffee, drink a glass of fine wine or sweeten your visit with tasty Croatian desserts, Martina will point you in the right direction.

Her long experience within the tourism& travel industry is not limited solely to the city tours- she worked as a Tour leader/ Resort Representative/ Guide in Europe, Mediterranean and North Africa for some of the largest Croatian tour operators. Also, she guided incoming tours around Croatia. She is completely fluent in English, French, Italian and can get by quite well in German. 



Jelena Popović

has, after years of working and studying abroad, decided to become a licensed local guide (Zagreb& Zagreb County) and present her home- turf with the same passion and wholeheartedness she had while guiding overseas. She is well- informed on matters of cultural events, nightlife and music scene so you'll always have  up-to-date information on how& where to see a good exhibition, enjoy a good concert or party the night away.

Jelena lived in various countries around Europe (including: U.K., Ireland, Spain) since 1996 and worked as a Tour Leader/ Resort Representative/ Guide for U.K. and Croatian tour operators in Europe and North Africa. She's a qualified E.F.L. Teacher (RELSA T.E.F.L. Certificate; Ireland ) and holds a BA in Tourism. She wouldn't go hungry or thirsty in any Spanish speaking environment and can utter a few words in German (but only if it'll save her life).



License: Martina Cernogoraz & Jelena Popović are authorized to provide local guiding services in Zagreb & Zagreb County under The Law on Travel Related Activities and Regulations, attested by the tourist guide card.


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