The best way to see Zagreb is with your own private guide - whether you are here on a business trip or a family holiday. It doesn’t matter if you have one or two hours, or two days to spend, we can organise a sightseeing tour that suits you when it suits you.

If you know the sights you would like to see we’ll ensure you get the best possible view and access to them. If you’d like suggestions — we’re here to help you choose.

Remember — it’s your trip. Your guide will collect you from your hotel or arrange a meeting in a place of your choosing at any time you find most suitable, and travel at your pace.


Why hire a private guide?

Focus on individual needs = high quality service.

And because we:
◊ love our job
◊ are amiable and entertaining local experts
◊ give you a good insight into the country's culture, customs and tradition
◊ tell you interesting facts& stories not found in any guidebooks
◊ know good places to relax, drink, eat, shop, have fun and explore further
◊ keep a personal approach and individual care for each visitor


Did you know?

Noon blast happens every day exactly at midday. Zagreb is not under attack and there is no need to panic! Every day since 1st of January 1877 Grički top (Grič Cannon) marks 12.00 hours sharp (locals set their watches by it) by a loud blast from Kula Lotršćak (Lotršćak Tower) on the Upper Town.

Zagreb is the only European capital having its own ski slopes situated on the northern slopes of Medvednica mountain (an unmistakable backdrop to the city skyline in the north) - total slope length is about 4 500 meters. Not really a hot skiing resort but if you are here in the winter and wish to swish down the slope - you are in the right place.

Gas lamps have cast their light on the streets of the Upper Town since 1863. Today, 187 gas lamps remain and each one is still lit by hand at sunset.



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